Go Knights!

Thanks to the Robo-Knights (Middle School Robotics team) at Charlotte Christian School for naming their robot after me! :)  #GOKNIGHTS!

Sight and Sound Theatres

Conrad and Tiffany recently joined the cast of Sight and Sound Theatres in Branson, MO for Miracle of Christmas (Nov. 4 - Dec. 30 2017) and Samson (March 3 - Dec. 29 2018)!  Check out Sight and Sound, order tickets, and more at

International Performing Arts Institute 

This past summer Conrad served as a teaching fellow alongside his wife, Tiffany, at The International Performing Arts Institute in Kiefersfelden, Germany.  Check out their website at  


Voice Overs For Theme Parks

You may have heard Conrad's voice in theme parks across the U.S., including Six Flags America, The Great Escape, Cedar Point and Dutch Wonderland.


Stories With A Twist

Need a great story for your commute? Conrad's audio collection of O. Henry short stories is now available.  Click Here for Details.


Audiobooks for Christian Audio

Conrad has narrated a number of audiobooks for Christian Audio.  Check out which ones by clicking here!